Our Story

Nathan and Grace Frey, Leatherback Roasters Owners, Founders, Christian coffee roasting company, local business owners, Orlando, FL

After getting hitched in 2020, founders Nathan and Grace Frey moved to Florida and began roasting in their garage in Oviedo, FL. Nathan got his start in coffee as a barista & roaster for a coffee shop during his college years in western Ohio. Grace, originally from Orlando, had worked in a café briefly during high school and loved it. Bringing together their backgrounds in coffee, they started Leatherback Roasters, named for the leatherback sea turtle, a creature that fascinated both of them since childhood. Since moving into their Longwood roastery location in 2023, they continue to pursue excellence in coffee while learning and growing in community. Today, they partner with local businesses across the state and even as far as Nashville, TN, to share their delicious coffee.