Deep Sea Espresso Style Blend

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Chocolatey notes in Brazilian and Colombian beans come together to make this unique blend. Deep Sea is our secret sauce for perfection in any espresso drink.

Location: Brazil, Colombia

Tasting Notes: Cocoa, caramel, brown sugar

Customer Reviews

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Brit Richards
A nice, creamy, full bodied espresso!

I love this espresso blend because it’s chocolatey, rich, goes perfect in anything with steamed milk and adds a depth of flavor to iced lattes. Too good!

Abi Brown

Deep Sea Espresso Style Blend

Jedidiah Polete
Deep sea espresso blend

Loved the coffee. Have been brewing it all week as espresso and drip. As espresso i get lots of citrus (lemon peel) and earthy tones. Very enjoyable. As a drip, flavor is balanced and easy sipping

Daniel Ammerman
Great roast, 10/10 recommend!

I am a big fan of this roast. My sister and I work at a Starbucks and like to find smaller roasts because they are usually excellent, and Leather Back has been one of our favorites. The shots I got out of this roast were great. It has a pretty light body and lovely subtle flavor tones to brighten your morning or after a long day. I enjoyed using this to make a doppio pan cana or using a shaker and some ice to make it cold. Overall a great roast, and I would recommend giving it a try!

Thank you, Daniel! We're so glad you enjoyed our Deep Sea espresso blend.

a LATTE love for Deep Sea

I use Deep Sea Espresso in my Aeropress to make homemade lattes and they taste as good as (if not better) than an in-shop, hot indie barista-made latte. This is not a brag on my coffee making skills, which are slim to none. This is a brag on how GOOD DEEP SEA IS!!!!!