Green Label Initiative: Strawberry - Juan Puerta

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Producer: Juan Puerta, Sens Coffee x Finca La Sirena

Location: Armenia, Quindio, Colombia

Process: Honey, Strawberry Osmotic Dehydration

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Elevation: 1386masl

Tasting Notes: Strawberry ice cream, pink lemonade, jammy

We taste strawberry ice cream, pink lemonade, and jam. Innovation at the producer level by Juan Puerta from Sens Coffee brings us this extremely fun fruit-forward coffee! 🍧 🍓

A Castillo variety from Quindío Colombia is carefully picked and sorted before undergoing a 3-day natural fermentation. The cherries are then pulped and fermented in tanks with a glucose liquid mixture with sliced strawberries! As the mixture dries, the coffee is infused with sugars from the fruit in a process called osmotic dehydration. 

The result is a special experience bursting with flavor in the final cup. We are honored to share it with you.

*This is a limited offering, so we will not be able to restock when this coffee sells out!

Sourced via Yellow Rooster Coffee Imports